Course Information

Starting at the home of the Sheboygan A’s, Wildwood Baseball Park, you will enjoy a relaxing, yet challenging course with hills, taking you through Sheboygan and ending by circling the infield inside the A’s baseball stadium (weather permitting). If rain is in the forcast for race day, the final stretch of the route will be altered as we do not want runners to slip on the grass/dirt inside the ballpark.

Course Route

  • Start by heading east on New Jersey Ave.
  • Turn left/north on 15th St.
  • Follow 15th St. until it intersects with S. River St., turning towards the right, then make a left turn to continue on 15th St.
  • Turn right/north on Niagra Ave. until you reach 14th St.
  • Turn left/north on 14th St., crossing the bridge over the Sheboygan river
  • Turn left/west onto Ontario Ave./Kiwanis Park Rd.
  • Turn onto the Kiwanis Park bike path going through the park.
  • Once you reach the end of the path at 17th st., make a left/south turn briefly onto 17th St.
  • Turn right/west onto Niagara Ave.
  • Take a right/north turn onto N. 18th St., and follow the road as it turns left and turns into Erie Ave.
  • Follow Erie Ave. until you reach N. Evans St., and take a left/south turn
  • Follow N. Evans St. until it intersects with S. 22nd St, and continue on S. 22nd St.
  • S. 22nd St. will intersect with New Jersey Ave., turn right/west onto New Jersey Ave.
  • Enter the marked ballpark entrance and follow the cones around the baseball infield to the finish line